H-2 Visa Support Services and Logistics:

We understand that H-2A regulations have become more demanding and are making it even more challenging to conduct business. To top it off, security in Mexico is putting both employees and management at risk. In order to reduce potential liability, outsourcing logistics to a trusted provider just makes sense.

Labormex can take care of all your H-2 needs in Mexico- so that you don’t have to.


Labormex has offices in Central Mexico and will travel to meet your workers and/or make sure that they do not need to travel more than 25 miles to fill out all the necessary consular forms (DS-160) prior to appointments.


We will be in constant communication with your workers in order to coordinate all of the necessary appointments and give your company regular progress reports.  Our staff has ample experience contacting workers who live in remote areas.


We will take care of transporting your workers to the consulate, arranging hotel accommodations and meals when necessary in a discrete manner that lessens the security risks of your workers.
We have established relationships with reputable bus and hotel companies as well as food service providers throughout Mexico which offer competitive rates.

Farm Labor Provider:

Labormex also offers recruiting services which allow your company to interview pre-qualified workers via HD video conferencing so that your staff does not have to travel to Mexico.We regularly conduct orientation services for US companies and have the technology available to ensure that your HR offices can monitor the whole process remotely.



Labormex will recruit a pool of applicants that meet company profile and criteria. We have extensive experience in recruiting qualified applicants with an exceptionally low turnover rate. Expect to have your same workforce return every year.


Labormex pre-screens workers including criminal background checks, physicals, psychological evaluations and drug testing (optional).


We are equipped to conduct hundreds of interviews remotely allowing employers to screen and choose workers from their office.


Labormex staff will assist where needed with translation, transportation to and from test sites, and rental of equipment and materials.


Among other services Labormex can hold orientation meetings and training sessions.

We will gladly work with your immigration attorney or agency and in some cases may be able to assist you in obtaining the H-2A or H-2B Visas if needed.



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